Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The great hedge trimming

Well, it's been a long time since my last post. In fact Twitter appears to have rolled in as a major force since then. Ah well. One change at a time.

So those are two of the before photos. In the one directly above you can see at the far left that it had been trimmed down a short bit and then- nothing. I'm not sure who had done that or why they had stopped before doing all of it. Seemed kind of odd. So this past Sat (July 4th weekend) I decided that I really should just level the whole thing off. I layed a string to try and keep things sort of level, and grabbed my hand clipper. After 2 hours we have

At this point I had to take a bit of a break. My hand was killing me. After 3 hours I came back and re-attemped.

By this time I was done. I could barely open and close my hand so I went to the local hardware store and bought a pair of lopers that can cut braches up to 1 5/8". It was an inspired idea! I trimmed off those last few and it's all finished now.

The final version:

Phew. And what of all those trimmings? here they are piled high.