Friday, August 8, 2008

Garden- coming along slowly

So we had the trimming of the hedges a few weeks ago.
I've been planting a few things- Here are some things I planted 2 weeks ago. The one on the far left will (eventually) yield soft yellow flowers and lots of green foliage.

The blue one in the center is already showing it's flowers. The one to the right should yield white flowers:

Last- this is the sweet pea plant that I started on my windowsill at work that has been replanted outside. It looks more than a bit touch and go (please note many dead shoots) but there is one shoot that is surviving and even one new one that has come out. Given how much rain we've had I'm starting to get a bit optimistic.

Computer Working!!!!!

About 3 weeks ago my computer had a bit of an accident and would only show me it's "Blue Screen of Death". I thought all was lost, but one of the IT guys I know took a look at it and voila! after not even a full 8 hours in his hands he returned to me a perfectly functioning- no data lost computer. I'm not sure who I'm more thrilled with- the IT guy or my wonderfully functional computer. Sigh. Life is good.

So it isn't Tiffany glass

But it's still really great. My mother made this. It hangs in my front window.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tiffany in Boston?

I was interviewing at Simmons (thinking about getting an MBA). As with most things I ended up walking around a lot in trying to find the place that I was supposed to be. Although I was annoyed about getting lost (which given how often it happens I should be very comfortable with)sometimes it leads to great discoveries. In this case, a private home that was designed by Tiffany.

So what does the outside of this look like? Here's the entrance:

A closeup of the portion over the door:

The bay window to the side of the door:

The portion above the window:

More trim:

Quite a gem.