Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First flower!

So here it is! The first flower
from the seeds that I planted in March. Pretty cool- huh?

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Judith said...

Kat - I'm sorry I didn't reply to your comments earlier. The wordpress thing is very frustrating to me! I think the thing about the haircut wasn't that it was butch, because there are butch haircuts I think are very cute (I've actually managed to convince my hair to do something I like, and now it's androgynous and hot, I think). It was more just that I thought I looked ugly, but the reason was more that it wasn't fashionable and typically attractive (either in a butch or femme way). Oh, well. It's good now, and maybe eventually I'll lose these hang-ups.

As for the novels, I have written two, one finished but unedited and the other 55k words out of about 70k projected. I enjoy writing novels, but since I don't have the motivation or time to seek out publication right now, I think short stories are probably smarter!