Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of Summer- Last trip to the beach

I thought it would be fun to go to Long Beach Island, NJ for Labor Day Weekend. The drive was horrible and took 9.5 hrs (the first 200 miles took 7 hours). Then, the the lens popped out of my glasses- luckily I had my sunglasses to wear instead. By the time the sun was setting I was able to pull into a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike and buy a glasses repair kit. All in all, a terrible trip down. Fortunately I didn't turn around because I had a great time down at the shore visiting my folks, my brother and sister-in-law.

On Sunday I took a small bike ride up to the north end of the island. There is a lighthouse.

The island is getting bashed on all sides, so they built around it to protect it.

On my bike ride back home noticed this interesting place. (I'm not quite clever enough to paste it all together- you're looking from the far right side of the house across to the left)

The sun was shining- I was able to swim in the ocean. All in all a great trip. And coming home a much more expected 5 hours!

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preppy little dress said...

wow, i am surprised i haven't seen that on hgtv - you know their show - most extreme homes! neat, thanks for sharing - reminds me of a place in orlando in a tourist area where all the bldg. are off like that, some i think upside down...that would definitely be a neat place to visit!