Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spontaneous purchase

Ok so this isn't a spontaneous purchase, it's more of a suprise injury. I slammed my foot into the leg of a chair and managed to break my toe. 2nd from the end- the purple-y one. Yeah it's got me a bit down (well that and the weather). So I was going to go to drive around for a bit. When I hit Roslindale Sq and saw a parking spot I thought, hey maybe I should just wander around the square.

So I walked into Birch St Home and Garden store and found these.

31" H x 39"W

38" H x 18" W

For less than $100 combined!

Now where to hang them?


Karen said...

Oh no, so sorry about the toe. That hurts - I remember dropping a chair on my foot in high school and breaking my toe. Not fun. Your purchases are gorgeous though. I hope they cheer you up - goodness knows the weather is doing nothing for a bleak mood.

Ange said...

I broker my toes years ago too (kicked a friend for throwing wet sand on me on a freezing day at the beach but thats another story), anyway no one realises how much you need your little toesies & what a pain in the a it is when just one is out of action - hope you have a speedy recovery