Friday, March 5, 2010

What did my old office look like?

My previous position at the hosopital. In 3 years I actually had 3 separate offices. One had a beautiful window that allowed me to grow plants with ease*. But I shared it with 6 other people (and my boss right around the corner). The second was a 2 person office that had no sun, but a lot of privacy (and the boss way down the hall). The last place was in a file room that had been converted to a 5 person office. That pink wall- that's the back of my desk. Along the floor- the files actually rolled out so that was a track system that everybody tripped over. It was about an inch tall.

Moving into the room, to the right is the side of my desk (my cartoon- doesn't every cubicle cry out for cartoons?) and the 2 people who sat behind me.

And finally, my desk. I had brought my laptop in, that's why I have 2 computers. Not very glamorous.

*Picture of orchid grown with ease

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