Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Great Triathlon in Walla Walla

We decided to host our own triathlon. It would consist of scootering (like a Razor scooter), biking, and then running. Starting line is just there were the driveway begins to narrow (at the end of the tree shadow) and the turnaround is at the telephone pole. So you scooter out and back, then bike out and back, then run around the house

What? It might be easier if the picture was marked up?

Run continues around the back of the house

and up this walkway to the original starting line.

Then we added Archery in as a bonus- the target is at the end of the fence line (on the right)

This is just a picture of the front of the house where everyone slowly walked back in to get sustenance after the events.

It's tough competing against your siblings. My niece was complaining that her older sister was always better than her. I told her that some things never change and her mom was still faster than me! She'd just have to find other things that she excelled at.

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